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Ending Explained for Alice in Borderland: Who is the Game Master?

Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland – a Japanese science-fiction suspense series by Haro Aso based on the manga of a similar name. It features Kento Yamazaki as a man who finds himself lost in a deserted land in Tokyo together with two of his friends. Yamazaki’s other two friends’ roles are performed by actors Keita Machida and Yuki Morinaga. The trio will be forced to play dangerous games to figure out their way out and search for the city.

Alice in Borderland Ending is Explained-

Other than all that are present, Arisu can learn where Aguni is coming from. Ultimately, he lost his companions because they wanted him to live. Nevertheless, Aguni fiercely attacks him, Arushi manages to pass by him then. When Nirgi rises from the fire, burns severely, yet alive, has a gun in her hand, and starts firing, Aguni places herself between him and Arisu and Usagi, pulls him, and jumps into the fire with him.
In the last moments of his life, this former SDF soldier however manages to rescue himself with his final assignment.

And… The Witch

As seen earlier, Arisu cuts right in and the exec who was a forensic scientist earlier with the Tokyo Police Department figures out that Momoka is a witch herself. She and her bestie Asahi came to the parallel world advanced than most people. As Usagi and Arisu later reveal from Asahi’s recording, the two friends were taken to the game’s local observatory station. Where they were made traders and told to join with other gamers and have those relationships.

The Game Master: Alice in Borderland

Usagi and Arisu go to the lair, but they find that Kuina and Chishiya are already present. The dealers who were there were all shot after they won for the 10 of hearts. Now, Chishiya has all those number cards, but the games are not over yet. The screens revealed that Mira, who was at the beginning we thought to be an executive member at the Beach is much more involved with the game. We aren’t certain so far whether she is the final game master or someone above her, but she tells the four of them that the next stage of the games is all set to start.