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Is The Walking Dead season 10 Officially Happening on AMC? Check It Out!!

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When can we expect season 10 of “The Walking Dead” to release? What storyline is all about? Much has befallen in the 9th part, including time jumps, many character deaths, and the debut of new villains. But all that’s happened in the 9th season is locking up an even bigger season 10 – and that certainly means something this time.

When will the episodes air?


Originally, The Walking Dead part X was supposed to conclude in April 2020. For COVID-related production purposes, the end was pushed back until the 4th of Oct. In the meantime, it was announced that The Walking Dead season 10 would be prolonged by six episodes. We gotta know that the AMC series will be back on 28th Feb 2021. It is anticipated to air on the 1st of March on FOX in the UK.

What Could Be The Story Details of Season 10?

The majority of the season 10 story will be about the Whisperer War, which began to take shape with The Walking Dead’s fair. Although the show does not adapt the comic book series strictly, it still reflects the same path as Robert Kirkman’s stories. So, The Walking Dead season 10 story must adopt the “Whisperer War” and “Call to Arms” story arcs from the comics, in which the communities prepare for another war and later dive head-first into it.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead will also spend some time setting up the following story arc for the 11th season and beyond, which means a giant horde of walkers falling upon the communities and the inevitable introduction of The Walking Dead’s Commonwealth.

Who are all featuring in The Walking Dead Season 10?

All of the major actors should remain on The Walking Dead season 10 cast, but given that this series kills off and brings on new roles regularly, fans should not foresee some characters return. Most prominently, Danai Gurira is exiting the show, though it’s not clear if her part, Michonne, will be killed off in some way. She could join Lincoln in the upcoming Walking Dead films, but that also remains to be seen. On the other hand, Cohan is pretty much expected to return in season 10, but maybe in a smaller role than earlier.