BLACKPINK Rosé Solo Upcoming Online Concert “THE SHOW”!! Check Out the Details


Rosé from BLACKPINK’s (the Korean Singer) surprised her fans with the taste of her solo music album that she debuted at their virtual concert in a teaser video Monday on the 25th of January. The “COMING SOON TEASER” clip highlights a distracted Rosé sprawling on the bath deck and then dining singly in the kitchen while a part of her deeply anticipated solo track sounds in the backdrop.

“All my love is gone/ All my love is gone/ Now you are dead and gone,” she hums in English over an earthy guitar.


Soompi reported that: Officially, on the 25th of Jan, YG Entertainment advertised new details about Rosé’s solo appearance. As far as it is concerned within the band, Rosé did complete the shooting of her music video, as Rose will perform her solo debut track for the very first time at BLACKPINK’s forthcoming online event “THE SHOW.” This will be live-streamed on coming 31st Jan 2021 at noon EST. Followers were cheered to hear affirmation of the vocalist’s solo efforts, and we can understand why. YG Entertainment had declared that the troupe of BLACKPINK were to have solo paths from as far back as Oct. 2018; but, only Jennie has delivered a solo track, titled, “SOLO.”

The Rosé’s solo debut album launch is set up for speculation. As per Soompi, the company responded by saying that they will make an official declaration about the program for the album release soon.” It additionally shared that “the song catches the “sweet yet soulful vocal” of the group’s main vocalist, mentioning that it will be different from BLACKPINK’s general musical style. And obviously, Rosé herself asked to debut the track during “THE SHOW” instead of waiting, she grabbed a chance of her.


Who is Next?

Rosé turned out to be the 2nd BLACKPINK member to launch her solo element, and rapper Lisa is the next one to shoot new music. Probably, Jisoo’s solo work is on the border, once she’s finished recording her forthcoming drama. Meanwhile, we are happy to see Rosé now, as it feels comfortable sharing her music and message with the world. Fans went gaga to hear Rosé album has in store for her followers yesterday lively and that’s which coming in just a few short days (31st Jan).