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Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery – When Can We Expect It To Air?

Season 4 of the American TV series Star Trek: Discovery supports the USS Discovery crew traveling the future, over 900 years after the original Star Trek range experiences. 

Next, an epic & upbeat 3rd season, Star Trek: Discovery has hit the reset button over. This time, there will be no galaxy-wide riddle, the lonely appearance of a famous starship. After the 3rd Season’s finale — “That Hope Is You Part Two,” Season 4 of Discovery is meant to fall into the 32nd Century, and, getting back to doing what it is recognized for; a show about the crew of a space ship, having thrilling adventures every week.


CBS has not revealed the upcoming Season’s official debut date. Nevertheless, the network stated that the cast & crew began shooting back on November 2, 2020, in Toronto. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, Season 4 started filming about nine months after its 3rd Season wrapped in Feb 2020. Discovery is a live-action series that is actively shooting. This means it will air before Picard’s second Season. In mid-2021, is a good bet for when fans can expect to see Discovery’s 4th Season.


There isn’t any so far, the nearest thing to a trailer for Season 4 is the shooting announcement from November 2. The cast and crew kept such a lid on Season 3 that we were not aware of these upgrades. Hence, when a trailer pops, we could not have many ideas about what to expect.


The majority of the 3rd Season cast is expected to retort for Season 4 including:

  • Sonequa Martin-Green plays the role of Michael Burnham.
  • David Ajala plays the role of Clevland Booker.
  • Wilson Cruz plays the role of Dr. Culber.
  • Mary Wiseman plays the role of Ensign Tilly.
  • Doug Jones plays the role of Saru.
  • Anthony Rapp plays the role of Lt. Commander Stamets.
  • Ian Alexander plays the role of Gray Tal.
  • Blu del Barrio plays the role of Adira Tal.
  • Tig Notaro plays the role of Jett Reno.
  • Oyin Oladejo plays the role of Joann Owosekun
  • Emily Coutts plays the role of Keyla Detmer.

Stay tuned for more updates!!