This Week’s Top Stories About Locations Of Grimble’s Love Potions In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5!!


It’s the 11th week of Fortnite  Chapter 2 Season 5 and the legendary game has included so many interesting challenges which engage the gamers. This week we got 2 sets of quests which include one legendary and one Epic.

These Epic quests go for about 20000 XP each. It helps the players to level up the battle pass. Although, one of these quests is quite complex.

It’s tricky to collect Grimble’s love potions from Coral Cave, Fort Crumpet, and Stealthy Stronghold if the player has no idea of where to look.

But that is where the lifesaver come in the popular YouTuber InTheLittleWood made a detailed video for the players so that they can complete the challenge by traveling to the appropriate spots on the map.


Where to look for Grimble’s love potions in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5!

There are seven different and interacting challenges under the Epic Quest of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 11.

Almost all of them are related to Valentine’s Day and are quite straightforward. Considering the quests got updated today, a great number of players will be visiting the locations to complete their challenges. Therefore we suggest you to carry a weapon before visiting any of these three locations.

In order to collect the Grimble’s love potion you have to travel to one of these locations mentioned below:

Coral Cave – Players have to drop exactly on the island west of Coral Castle. The Fortnite players can find the Grimble’s love portion hidden behind the village shrine.

Fort Crumpet – Fort Crumpet is located in the west of Sweaty Sands. As per the YouTuber HarryNinetyFour, Fortnite players can see his video to know Grimble’s love potion’s exact location.

Stealthy Stronghold – The players can find the third potion in the jungles of Stealthy Stronghold. As this is the hot spot for the players, we would advise you to loot up and be prepared for a fight. Players can find the love potion close to the central structure of Stealthy Stronghold.

The requirement to complete this challenge is to collect just one love potion and earn 20000 XP in Fortnite. We hope that Fortnite gamers will complete all the valentine’s challenges to win unique cosmetic rewards.


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