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The Pizza Cupcake – NYC Couple Pitches Lori on Shark Tank!! Check This Out!!

Michelle Jimenez kept viewers on the tip of their seats as she made her agreements with Lori Greiner for her brand.
The recent episode of Shark Tank marked Jimenez concluding a nail-biting agreement with Greiner. The end was one to show interest in the melt-in-mouth food item, and fans were dismayed to see how Jimenez was all set to risk it all with the discussions.

In the show’s recent installment, couple and co-founders Jimenez and Andrea Meggiato entered the tank seeking a 125,000 dollar deal for a 10% stake in their investment in The Pizza Cupcakes. Both described how the frozen food rolls into a bite-sized delicacy that can be savored wherever & whenever in its easy-to-carry form. Addressing from Venice, Meggiato explained how the batter that goes into their pizza cupcakes is something none of the sharks has eaten earlier and discussed its melt-in-mouth texture.

Then arose the sharks’ time to try the delicious cupcakes, who expressed terrific as soon as they took the prime bite. Even though it’s not fair for Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec to fund the brand, they presented some reasons for the same, including logistical concerns of frozen food to heavy competition in the field.

Nevertheless, Lori showed her attention and made this deal. She increased the investment by $25,000 from $125,000 – $150,000 along with a 20 percent stake; Jimenez, who comes from a sales and marketing environment, was not inclined to give such a huge stake. Jimenez came up with a counteroffer, but Greiner was not willing to stir. She yet stayed her ground.

After some deliberation, she decided to produce another counteroffer of $150,000 for a 12.5 percent stake. Greiner agreed to meet Jimenez midway and gave her a last offer of $150,000 for 15 percent. She tried persuading Lori again to increase the amount she would be investing. But when the shark showed no sign of budging, she gave the last try and asked Lori if she would be okay with an offer of $150,000 for a 12.5% stake and 2.5% advisory heritage. The shark immediately accepted it, and the deal’s made.