GTA Online Player Has Figure Out How To Reduce The Speeding Time !!

A modder of GTA Online has successfully reduced the loading time the game takes up to 70% and has offered other players who want to cut down their loading times too.

Modder T0ST has shared a detailed article about the loading time of GTA Online. With the help of some research and typing a unique program T0ST managed to cut down the loading time up to 70%.

It turns out that the game wasn’t really taking time to load (thanks to its open-world nature), instead the real reason was “CPU bottleneck that will be most felt on low- or mid-tier PCs, as well as a JSON parser that is apparently poorly implemented and can’t really deal with the 10MB JSON database the game needs to read to open up properly. This database contains a whopping 63,000 items and is scoured by the parser each time the game opens up” as per Digital Foundry.

T0ST has written a .dll file that players can import into the GTA Online file and that would help in improving the loading time.

This file contains various functions and some other information that users can access with the help of the Windows program for better and easier understanding. T0ST created this file and made it publicly available to download. He managed to make the loading time seventy percent less helping other users in reducing their own loading time.

And of course, it goes without saying that if you don’t have any idea what you’re doing don’t do it because it can mess up the saved games, your data or it can even create a risk of a ban from Rockstar for manipulating official in-game files.

According to T0ST research, the modder found out around eighty percent of users faced about 3-8 minutes of loading time while trying to boot up GTA Online. And approx. 35 % of them complain they faced 6 minutes and more of loading time.

T0ST called out on Rockstar about the issue saying “If this somehow reaches Rockstar: the problems shouldn’t take more than a day for a single dev to solve,”

For many players speeding uploading, the time has become a popular call as GTA has seen more monthly players in 2020 as compared to any year.