Everything you need to know about Lucifer season 5 part 2!!

Is lucifer getting a season six?

On June 23, 2020, Netflix surprised us all with the post revealing the news of season 6 of Lucifer. Netflix shared this post via Twitter post confirming this season will be the final season.

“The devil made us do it. #Lucifer will return for a sixth and last season. Like, FINAL final.”

The trailer of Lucifer season five part two: When can I watch it?

The social media account of lucifer shares a fan cam of Chloe Decker. At the end of the video, there is footage of glass falling and asking in a worried voice, “Have you seen Lucifer?”

Release date of Lucifer season five part two?

In January, the writers delivered a very disappointing update.

The writers shared disappointing news in January.

“We realize everybody needs to know, but the fact of the matter is even WE don’t have a clue when #LuciferSeason5B will come out. It’s not completed at this point,” they tweeted.

“The pandemic blew up our plans. In any case, when we have an official release, trust us, we’re passing on to tell you!  Same with a trailer. #patience.”

Definitely not the news we wanted to hear!

Lesley-Ann Brandt, aka Mazikeen, shared a post on Twitter with Dennis Haysbert (the god) captioned, “God is gorgeous @DennisHaysbert so good having you with us this season. @LucifierNetflix”

Can I watch Lucifer season five part two on Netflix?

Netflix saved Lucifer after being canceled by Fox, and yes, you can watch season five part two of Lucifer on Netflix when it arrives.

How many episodes in season five, part two of Lucifer will have?

The fifth season of lucifer was given only ten episodes, and Modrovich confirmed the news on Twitter.

But later on, Netflix announced that the season will have 16 episodes which are still disappointing, seeing that season three had twenty-six and season two had eighteen episodes, but okay! Something is better than nothing.

Season four of lucifer is available on Netflix, and you can catch up from seasons one to three on amazon prime.


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