The Dragon Prince Season 4: Everything you need to know!

Season 4 Of The Dragon Prince

The producer of this dream animated series, the Dragon Prince, are Justin Richmond and Justin Richmond.

the dragon prince is the story of 2 cultures, one being the power of magic and another the power of people who have no access to magic. So they hold on to Dark Magic. Both cultures have not performed the magic for decades, and it has caused some issues in the past.

When will season four of The Dragon Prince release?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there can be a delay. But if everything goes well, we can expect season four of “The Dragon Prince” to air anytime this year.

The plot of The Dragon Prince season four

In the finale episode of season three, The Dragon Prince, we saw humans, dragons, and elves fighting together against the Viren’s army. Viren used the battle as a distraction and attacked Zym and strip him of his life force. At the same time, Rayla comes to help Zym and jumps off the cliff with Viren. Luckily, Callum catches Rayla before she hits the ground while Viren keeps falling.

Zubeia, zym’s mother, finally reunites with her son. Just when they saw the light of hope that finally peace could be restored between humans and other mystical beings after years of struggle, evils rise again after Claudia tempts Viren back to life and Aaravos turns into some strange evil and strong.

Each season of The Dragon Prince represents a part of the saga derived from all the magical world components- Sun, Moon, Sky, Star, Earth, and Ocean. We know the first three seasons were Moon, Sky, and Sun. The fourth season is going to be Earth. Despite beginning another segment, the past area’s story will proceed and be based on the main characters. The fourth part could explore what Viren’s revival may mean for Zym and compare the humans and the creatures in Xadia. Aaravos can likewise play a more dynamic part in getting sorted out occasions.