A Bengaluru Woman Brings AR Yoga Instructor to Your iPhones!

For the last twenty years, a 33-year-old woman, Raksha Rao, has been learning and practicing Carnatic vocals. In the US, she ran a music school with fifty students. However, Raksha Rao from Bengaluru presently runs Parjanya Creative Solutions. Parjanya Creative Solutions is a company behind Prayoga that uses augmented reality (AR) and body tracking technology to help its users learn Yoga.

This idea of developing the Prayoga app is inspired by Raksha and her husband’s personal experience using the other yoga apps. “When you go to a trainer or a gym, what they attempt to do it, they’ll give you a bunch of activities, and you should act before them. They come and set you back on track. That part was truly deficient as far as all these applications,” Rao tells

From the beginning, Rao has a clear agenda that the app will give feedback, like when a yoga teacher gives instructions to correct people in the in-person session. The solution to this problem was Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented Reality is a technology that can superimpose a computer-generated image on top of your view of the real world.

“We needed to join our enthusiasm regions with innovation and attempt to come up with a creative item in this,” she says, adding that her husband’s ability in AR and VR helped — he used to work at a Hollywood Studio in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, she added her husband used to work at a Hollywood Studio, and his expertise in Augmented reality and virtual reality helped.

It’s been a year since the Prayoga App appeared in the App Store, and Rao and her group are presently attempting to build up a second application.”Our focus on this application was to make Yoga a way of life, and not a wellness prevailing fashion or anything,” says Raksha Rao.

Prayoga app received more than one lakh downloads on the App store after its debut in June last year. Additionally, Raksha Rao is about to complete her master’s in Carnatic music from Jain University.