Halo 3 Finally Goes Live On PC Today..!! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It..!!!

By Hitesh Rane

It’s a major day for Halo fans. 13 years after the arrival of Halo 3 for Xbox 360 on September 24, 2007, Microsoft has at long last pushed the game to PC. Microsoft at first told individuals that the game would open up to individuals who have Halo: The Master Chief Collection – a bundle which incorporates remastered renditions of six Halo games made particularly for the PC – at 6 pm on July 14. Community Director, Brian Jarrard, affirmed on Twitter that the update opening Season 3 of the game in the franchise is currently live.

Halo 3 Released..!!

HALO 3 is the last installment in the unique Halo franchise of three games prior to the games left from centering around Master Chief, the green protection clad extra-terrestrial mercenary we are all familiar and in love with. PC players should now have the option to begin playing in Season 3, yet as referenced by Jarrard, there are a few features that probably won’t be accessible until later today.

Since the game’s third season is accessible, you’ll have the option to start downloading the principle crusade mode and the Halo 3 multiplayer mode on your PC in the event that you have the MCC, alongside the latest update.

What’s In The Update…?

The huge Season 2 update for MCC is 23.4 GB on Xbox One, and you can see the total fix notes underneath, as posted by Microsoft. MCC proprietors on the Microsoft Store and Game Pass for PC will notice a 20.84 GB update, while individuals who have MCC on Steam will get a 17.6 GB update.

MCC’s overall file size, with the new update applied, becomes 127.76 GB on Xbox One, 124.5 GB on Steam, and 93.15 GB on the Microsoft Store. The update presents Forge mode on Halo: Reach, Halo 2, and Halo 3, while Halo 3’s Forge mode explicitly is getting an entire set-up of new highlights. This update likewise includes the new “3D model viewer” for Season 3, while sound issues for Halo: Reach and Halo 3 have been tended to. Additionally, the game’s season 3 gets another Skull called “Acrophobia” that enables you to fly. Halo: Combat Evolved, in the meantime, gets vehicle skins that are new in a very long time.

Future Plans

With the arrival of the third part, 343 Industries has revealed that the new game to go to the MCC will be Halo 3: ODST Firefight, stating in a blog update that it is next in the pipeline once Halo 3 is released. Firefight is an endurance mode that can be played as a team or solo and you need to fight off multiple waves of incredible Covenant armies without biting the dust.

Hitesh Rane