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By Hitesh Rane

As you embark on your journey in the ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’, you will notice that the protagonist Jin wears only his damaged armor and has a rusty Katana in his hand. But to be victorious against the Mongols this is barely something and a lot more is required. This post holds within it all the relevant details for unlocking two of the most important weapons in the game – the Half Bow and the Long Bow.

Unlocking the Half Bow

It is not that difficult to unlock this weapon in the game but there is a chance that you may get lost in exploring the game before embarking on quests. You may also find yourself in early combats where ranged melee weapons may prove useful.

Once the prologue concludes, you ride out on a horse towards Hiyoshi Springs on the eastern side of the map to dig out info about Sensei Ishikawa. For this, you need to accept his quest ‘The Tale Of Sensei Ishikawa’. As soon as you reach him at his dojo situated above the Hiyoshi springs, you need to assist him on his quest till he rewards a Half Bow to you.

The Half Bow has a good short-range and can enable the player to shoot rapidly with a good amount of power which can be amped up many times. If you decide to assist Sensei Ishikawa in his side quests after persuading him to join your fight, he will eventually give you the Fire Arrows to be used with the Half Bow. These Fire arrows enable you to set your enemies on fire and dealing extra damage to them.

Unlocking The Longbow

As opposed to the Half Bow, this weapon is easy to miss opt to rush wildly through Act 1 and into the second part of the game. Once you are done with chapters of ‘The Warrior’s Code’, ‘The Tale Of Ishikawa’, ‘The Tale of Lady Masako’, and ‘Blood on the Grass’ you find yourself back at the Hiyoshi Springs.

You may also come across the gossips of a musician with a tale to convey and he is found on the other part of the Bamboo Strike house below the main inn. To set out on the journey of discovering the fabled Longbow you need to accept the tale known as ‘The Curse of Uchitsune’.

The journey concludes once you find the Longbow followed by combat. But in the end, you can use your newly acquired weapon against your foes. While using the Longbow it will zoom in on the target automatically when drawn and is able to kill enemies over a longer range, dealing higher damage. It even pierces their armors and helmets.

There is also another option of switching to limited ‘Explosive Arrows’ that flatten entire areas and give nightmares to your foes.

The game is now available on PC and is receiving positive criticism.

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Hitesh Rane