Kanye West shocks Twitteratis claiming that Oscar winning movie ‘GET OUT’ is based on his life..!! Read here in detail..!!

By Hitesh Rane

Seems like, after Donald Trump, Kanye West is the next person who is going all out for his presidential run. Just after his bizarre debut political stunt/rally in Southern Carolina in which he wore a military-style jacket with “2020” shaved on the backside of his head, Kanye is focusing on grabbing the attention on social media now. During the rally, he gave an hour-long speech and expressed his thoughts and plans. Also at one point, he started crying to grab the sympathy of those present.

The Twitter Rant

Yesterday, Kanye demonstrated to be experiencing a very social breakdown on the popular social media platform Twitter. The rant started with a post, without any comment, of Michael Jackson’s video to his famous song “Black Or White”. Then onwards Kanye just lost his cool. He began targeting his own family members including his wife Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner.

In one of his tweets, Kanye claimed that he begged to God to never allow North’s mom to have her photographed for Playboy. He also stated that Bill Cosby’s name began trending on Twitter after NBC locked him up, disgracing him while doing so.

In his rally, he also shocked everyone when he said that he almost killed his daughter as his wife Kim was opting for aborting their daughter, North, who is now seven years old.

‘Get Out’ and Kanye

He also went on to compare his life to the 2017 Oscar-winning movie, ‘Get Out’, as he highlighted his wife was attempting to get a doctor to lock him up. There are no positive associations between being bolted up and Jordan Peele’s Get Out, a film where (spoiler alert) some discreetly dreadful emotional wellness professionals utilize dull techniques on their visitors.

A few messages have since been erased, and more are being pulled at the hour of composing. The “Pray for Ye” hashtag was on the trend late at night as fans and spectators heaped on with stun and worry for his wellbeing.

Kanye’s alarming Twitter rant goes ahead on the impact points of various reports which expressed that West didn’t document the essential administrative work to have his name show up on South Carolina’s presidential polling form.

Hitesh Rane