‘Magic: The Gathering’ Gets New Banned And Restricted List From Wizards!! Read Here In Detail The Changes It Brings In The Game!!

By Hitesh Rane

The universe of Magic: The Gathering just got a major purge this Monday morning. Wizards of the Coast has uncovered its new banned and restricted rundown after Core Set 2021’s public release, and it’ll unquestionably change the manner in which ‘Magic: The Gathering’ is played. Prepare when the progressions please July 16.

Here is the detailed list for each Format:


  • Agent Of Treachery stands banned after being suspended some time ago.
  • Joiner Of Forces, Winota stands banned after being suspended some time ago.
  • Fires Of Invention stands banned after being suspended some time ago.
  • Nexus Of Fate stands banned.
  • Burning Tree Emissary Stands suspended.


  • Oath Of Nissa stands unbanned.


  • Arcum’s Astrolabe stands unbanned.


  • Expedition Map stands unbanned.
  • Mystic Sanctuary stands unbanned.

When Do These Changes Go Live..?

These updates will become effective for Magic: The Gathering Arena from Thursday. To the extent hits and misses go for the new rundown, the variations to Historic were essentially anticipated. The modifications ought to do a ton to help grow the meta for the configuration, as it had gotten excessively tightened at more elevated levels of play. Cards like Nexus of Fate were a known issue for some time, so it’s acceptable to see them go. Be that as it may, the new Teferi Planeswalker is causing a few thunderings. Whenever left unchecked, it could unleash devastation through the effectively wild meta of Historic.

One of the all the more astounding choices, nonetheless, are the variations to Pioneer. Regardless of Wizards’ cases that it’s content with the meta of Pioneer, a few players are most certainly not. The configuration has become progressively unequal over time, overwhelmed by decks that would prefer not to play reasonable Magic. The configuration is getting progressively dull because of the conspicuousness of combo decks. It feels like Wizards might be pushing Pioneer out to pasture for Historic.

Format Balance Restored..?

Another confounding choice is that Wizards performed positively with no variations to Standard, the format with apparently the greatest issues. It’s acceptable that Wizards would not have any desire to roll out such a large number of improvements to Standard since Core Set 2021 just popped out. In any case, seeing the decks that have been ascending to the top is amazingly upsetting for the fate of Standard. Wizards appear to jump at the chance to concentrate on the crude numbers excessively, and not how the player base feels about a specific configuration.

NPE, or “Negative Play Experience,” issues are a major issue in any game and can make players drop off rapidly. Regardless of whether a specific deck isn’t Tier 1 or winning numerous significant occasions, on the off chance that it makes your game awful to play, at that point, it should be taken a gander at. Particularly after a set recently released that concentrated on new players entering the game. I would prefer not to be the helpless schmuck firing up Magic just because just to get molly slammed by a 3feri control deck.

The general agreement for this new rundown is genuinely negative, as it appears to have missed a great deal of player’s genuine worries on the different arrangements. In any case, the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually based on how it shakes out, particularly since it appears that the fate of Pioneer remains in a critical state.

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Hitesh Rane