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Detailed Look at the Hardware Configuration of Microsoft’s Latest ‘Surface Duo’..!! Is it an Ideal Smartphone for All..??

By Hitesh Rane

A year ago, Microsoft hinted at the Surface Duo, a pocket-sized foldable that features Android and Microsoft Launcher 6. Surface Duo does all that you would expect an Android cell phone to do. It permits you to make calls, to send instant messages, and you can likewise download applications from the Google Play Store.

Surface Duo’s internal configuration is suggestive of Surface Pro and Surface Laptop. It has Microsoft’s customary plan feel and it carries the trademarked Microsoft logo on the rear of the Duo.

Appearance & Looks

The left side of the display features the blazing ambient light sensor, while the single front camera, flash, and speaker grille are adjacent to it. The Power button and the volume rockers are said to be on the right side of the display.

Moving to the base of the right display, you’ll find a USB-C port for quick charging and quick data sharing. What’s gone? The 3.5mm earphone jack. From the photos we’ve seen, we’ve yet to recognize an earphone jack anyplace on the Surface Duo. Supposedly, the earphone jack was absent on the early model of the Surface Duo and it’s probably not going to be there in the final product. That is to be expected as even Surface Pro X doesn’t have one.

As you probably are aware, Microsoft is additionally taking a shot at an extraordinary guard case for the Surface Duo. There is a slight lump on the rear of the cover where the power and volume buttons are present, and this makes a pleasant zone to grasp, while the Galaxy Fold and other foldable gadgets feature a flat back.

An Ideal Smartphone For All..??

The rugged feel of the guard case and the slight lump on its back makes it increasingly agreeable to grasp in either hand. Surface Duo will convey an outstanding performance, mid-core hardware, easy grasp, and loads of features that you would acknowledge, yet it won’t be an ideal smartphone for all.

For instance, Surface Duo is missing key features like wireless charging, 5G, NFC technology, incredible camera, and an earphone jack.

Surface Duo is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of internal memory, upgradeable up to 128GB, and 256GB. The Android 10 featuring Surface Duo incorporates two 5.6 inch screens and a 360-degree pivot. When unfurled, the screen is 8.3-inches in size.

Hitesh Rane