Twitter Hackers Reveal their Intentions behind the Shocking Breach..!! Read More Details Here..!!!

By Hitesh Rane

A number of companies and verified individuals, including the likes of tech giants such as Apple and famous personas like Obama, Biden, and Musk, among many others woke up to the sight of their Twitter accounts being hacked on Wednesday. The breach is said to be the most widespread in the history of Twitter breaches, all because of a blind pursuit of Bitcoins.

The Truth Behind The Breach

The breach was under the radar of a number of investigation agencies including the FBI. Though initially there were no leads on the case, it seems the pieces are finally falling into their places. Evidence suggests that the hacking scheme was initiated by a teasing conversation between the two suspected hackers late Tuesday on Discord.

A Snap Of The Hackers Discord Chat

Discord user ‘Kirk’ messaged “yoo bro” to the hacker who went by the name ‘lol’. Kirk also assured the hacker that he worked at Twitter and asked him not to disclose it to anyone else. To back up his claim, Kirk them highlighted how he was able to access a number of highly valued Twitter handles. It was enough to demonstrate that he was indeed someone who was working with Twitter.

However, by the next day, the hacker was suspicious of Kirk’s intentions as he was too willing to damage the company. But it was true that Kirk had passed to Twitter’s delicate tools enabling to hack almost any handle. The event has highlighted loopholes in Twitter’s security policy. The investigation is still in its initial stages. stages.

But a group of four individuals came forward taking responsibility for the breach. As evidence, they shared a string of logs and screenshots of the chats between them. It was enough to prove their involvement in the incident before it hit the headlines on Wednesday. All the four individuals were in fact desperate youngsters trying to earn some early bucks and were not part of some group of complex hackers.

The Hacker’s Statement

The hacker ‘lol’ and his companion named ‘ever so anxious’ stated that their involvement in the breach was limited to facilitating the purchases and hacking the general twitter handles earlier that day. They discontinued the breach when Kirk started hacking more high-profile twitter handles at around 3:30 pm on Wednesday. Further, the hacker ‘lol’ added that by doing so he wanted to just to clear certain things up by telling his story and that he was just in his 20s.

What remains a real mystery, yet, is the real identity of ‘Kirk’ and his intention behind the breach. The young hackers were identified by matching their social media accounts and Bitcoin accounts to those accounts involved in the breach on Wednesday.

Officials investigating the breach said a few of the subtleties given by the programmers agreed with what they had realized, incorporating Kirk’s association both in the enormous hacks later in the day and the lower-profile assaults early Wednesday.

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Hitesh Rane