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Bayonetta 3: Creator Hideki Kamiya shares Exciting Details about Season 3!! Confirms Development is Going “Fine”..!!

Bayonetta is an action hack and slashes video game that’s developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega.  It was originally released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Japan in October 2009 and in North America and Europe in January 2010. The game later released on the Wii U on the Nintendo Switch in February 2018 alongside its sequel Bayonetta 2 released in September 2014 in Japan and worldwide the following month the two games were later released worldwide in 2018. RecentRecently the third game Bayonetta 3 is in development for the switch.

Creater of the series Bayonetta 3 confirmed that the development is going "fine " !! Check out what he said in the interview!!

Despite lack of updates in the recent months, Bayonetta series creator Hideki Kamiya has shared and assured the fans that the highly anticipated Bayonetta 3 is moving forward.  Recently in an interview with GameXoplain,  Kamiya, and Platinum Games head Atsushi Inaba to the games developed during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. When he was asked how the third entry was going to which be replied that ” it’s going fine “.

When asked about how COVID 19 has affected the development of future projects  Inaba said that the studio is working remotely and adapting to the accompanying challenges.  he said they were working from home and they are trying to do what they can to get to the kind of work with this new style of working. Check out the interview below


He even said that ” it’s still very early and I think that how  well  are able to adapt is really going to show how we can you know not with just this situation but with also any other situations that pop up,  as a company it’s a challenge for us ”

He also confirmed the fans who were anticipating that the release of the game might get canceled he said that ” I want you guys to take any concerns your have like that and throw them out the window immediately because we are still hard at work on it and it hasn’t been canceled by any means “