Naruto a Tricky Character: Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Naruto Uzumaki!!!

By Riya Kumari

Most people think that they know everything about the character Naruto but in reality, it is a tricky character. He has some hidden details. Read the article to learn about it.

Naruto is a Japanese manga and anime series and is popular among the enthusiasts.
Naruto first featured in the franchise with the same name as an adolescent stepping into his teenage and with no one as his family. Now, two decades later he has passed his legacy to his spiritual successor and has seen his son become a hero. He was the lead in a massive franchise but despite this fact, his fans have not uploaded yet seen all of him. They either missed things in the long history or they didn’t learn all about him.

Now have a look at 10 things that you didn’t know about Naruto Uzumaki.

1. Naruto Could Originally Turn Into A Fox

Naruto was originally planned to be a chef. However, he, later on, came to be the boy with fox transformation powers.

2. He Met His Parents Because Of The Creator’s Children

Earlier, the writer didn’t want Naruto to have a relationship. But once he himself became a father, his views changed and after that, his story took a different turn.

3. He Is Not The Last Of The Uzumaki Clan

He grew up on his known with no family to talk of. It was understood that he was the last member of the clan, but it wasn’t true as Lady Tsunade was a distant relative. Both Nagato and Karin were the descendants of the Uzumaki clan.

4. Naruto Appeared On A One-Piece Cover

One Piece, another popular show had one of the covers with Naruto in it. The clothing pattern of the character resembled Naruto, but his face was not shown.

5. Konoha’s Orange Hokage Is A Reference To Naruto’s Parents

Once he became the Hokage he referenced himself as the ‘Orange Hokage’. The reference was thought to be because of his clothing. But the orange was a source to his parents. The clan was known for their red hair, and Minato had blond hair. Red and yellow together give Orange hence the reference.

6. He Has Some Impossible Skills

The databook had some skills that were impossible to access. However, he gained those impossible skills and he was able to use them perfectly.

7. He Gave Up His Goggles For Time

We have noticed that he wore goggles with his orange outfit. But, later he gave up for some reason. Kishimoto found that drawing the goggles was very time taking and removing them recouped his time.

8. It Was Always The Plan For Sasuke To Fight Naruto

Naruto always had a rivalry for Sasuke. However, the plan was to show it in a way that Sasuke’s actions let o the clash with him. But the reality is that they both were destined to fight.

9. His Blood Type Is Type B

The theory of blood type depicts a person’s behavior. Naruto’s blood was Type B, which means he was selfish and irresponsible.

10. Kishimoto’s Wife Believed Naruto Would End Up With Sakura

Hinata bad crush on Naruto and they ended up marrying each other. However, Naruto has a crush on Sakura and even some of the fans wanted them to be together. In those fans, there was Kishimoto’s wife who was also shocked by seeing Naruto with Hinata. She thinks that he would end un with Sakura.

Riya Kumari