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Acura’s new retro arcade game providing you free race between great Acuras – NSX and RDX!

It is a good arcade game if the gamers have played and liked the pole position or Auto model list. This game lets us race NSX, RDX A-SPEC, TYPE S concept, and other great Acuras.

The game has a concept of less talk and more drive. It is a good game with six different tracks on which we can race Acuras that match the car with the eras they came out.
The game is available on both pc and Android phones.

We will get a huge option of cars, and to get that, we need to be quick on our keyboard and to finish the specific lap time. Beating the computer is easy, but we can top the global leader board by using specific cheat codes. We can also summon a ghost car that will help us to beat the daily top ten or all-time top 10 lap times in it.

Acura has done a great job in modernizing the game by adding a very outrun on Sega vibe in the starting track, but it lacks other cars or any traffic. The functioning taillights are a very nice touch.

The references are taken from Gran Turismo, Ridge racer, and Midnight run, which are all obvious to us gamers without exciting any licensing of the lawyers. The rainfall details help us in the experiencing real Time mode in the game.

The best part of the game is that it can also be played on Facebook instant games, and we can share our fastest time with our friends and family. And we can use the cheat codes that will make the game took easy for, nongamers and it does not take more memory space.