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AMAZING!!! PUBG Mobile partnering with K-Pop Band BLACKPINK??? Check To See!

BlackPink is a South Korean girl group composed of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, founded by YG Entertainment. PUBG posted a pink color graphic with a girl with bangs, pink hair, pink glasses, and reflective sunglasses in the now-viral tweet. When you take a close look at the glass reflection, the battlefield is clearly visible.

PUBG Mobile has asked players to infer who the tease’s caption is featuring. They quoted the tweet as saying, “Guess who’s coming.” Soon afterward, users began to guess which Blackpink member she is! If it’s Lalisa Manoban, who is popularly known as Lisa or Jennie, the fans are puzzled.

Interestingly, Lisa is the brand ambassador of the game Brawl Star, which is also a game for Tencent. Nevertheless, the news may not bring any excitement for fans in India, because on September 2, along with other 117 Chinese mobile apps, the Indian government banned the famous game.

PUBG, meanwhile, is seeking to lift the ban and is breaking ties with the Tencent Games of China in India. A tonne has already been discussed and discussed the ban on PUBG. With the fast-paced world of gaming and smartphone availability, PlayerUnknown Battleground has become one of India’s most famous Battle Royale games. Nevertheless, the Indian government has banned this favorite game of young Indians in relation to the infringement of protection and data transfer. But we’re going to recall the good old days of playing PUBG today and using some of the most fun slangs that we bet you haven’t heard of.

On September 2, 118 applications were banned by the Indian Government, including PUBG Mobile. There was a huge user base for the multiplayer Battle Royal game in India and the banning of the game is big news for them. The game is now removed both from the Google Play Store and from the Apple App Store.