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Amazon’s new game Crucible is out NOW!! Read to know more about the game!!

Amazon has always ventured into new opportunities and succeeded! Not only shopping, grocery delivery, a streaming platform called Prime, but Amazon has also got into gaming! It is not something new; it already owns Twitch, a streaming site for games. The new game that Amazon has released is Crucible. It is a third-person shooting game, and more importantly, it is free!

In the game Crucible, you can choose your character and your teammates. Your enemies are ten hunters whom you choose at the beginning of the game, and you have to kill them before they kill you. You earn points and rewards throughout the game. A catch in the game is that a teammate can leave the group any time if he/she wants, even if it’s in the final moments of the game.

The game had a test run before the release of the game, and it was hugely successful. Amazon is trying to compete with other shooting games like Fortnite, Players Underground, etc. with the new game.

Release Date of Crucible:

Mike Frazzini, the vice president of Amazon Games, says to Radio 1 Newsbeat, “Ultimately, the players will get to decide whether or not we succeed. We’re pleased with the feedback on early play-tests, but ultimately we don’t know how good it is until it gets out there.” He also adds that gaming entertainment is very competitive, and it is hard to come to the top even if it’s Amazon.

Approximately a person spends 10 hours in gaming a week, so the game must be exciting and interesting for them to play for a long period of time.

The ongoing corona pandemic has limited the level of promotion that Amazon might have given for its new game. Crucible was released on Steam only in North America. It will be available in another region soon. Let’s see if it really succeeds or not!