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And here comes the Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Check out the trailer and Possible New Elements

The latest game of Final Fantasy 7 remake is billed, and this was revealed in song release. The game includes a lot more than just this. In the song released, we saw elements from the original story, but the story seems a bit remixed than the original one.

Something that is already known to be in the game like Cloud’s crossdressing sequence. This will also be the first time Cloud will be shown in all of the game series. There is also his trip to the Honey Bee Inn. We also got to see the party member Red XII and look of some characters like Reeve Tuesti, Scarlet (which now has a human footstall), Professor Hojo, and a new character in the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Roche.

There are other things that we saw in the in song release like some flashes of bike chasing battle sequence, a clip of running on the hilariously long Shinra HQ staircase, a Chocobo & Moogle Summon and a Leviathan summon. There are positive responses from Social Media that how much familiar content is showing in the game.

The original game story is around 5 hours long, which is approximately the traditional length of a normal game. There are shots that show remake has some difference from the original that seems a happy part.

We also see the meeting and battle with the antagonist of the game Jenova. These meetings and battles are not in the original Midgar section. A section with Sephiroth that was missing from the Final Fantasy 7 opening section also seems a bit out of place.

In the game, we also see Cloud wielding a sword that looks like Mythril Saber and not it’s Buster Sword that he has not till the Midgar section of the story. Leviathan also similarly is available in the Disc 2 of the original game and not in 1.

There are moments that seem to be taking place in Nibelheim, which should not be in the game. Either the game is extended more than we thought so or it has gone into the past for some reason. It’s kind of puzzle that gamers all over the world are trying to fix.

The game is going to be released on April 10 this year.

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