Anime Lovers!!! Netflix to come up with the remake of Cowboy Bebop Season 1 in American Live-action version!!! John Cho to appear!!! Details inside!!!

By Anchal Gupta

Last year in 2019, Netflix renewed the prominent Japanese anime series, Cowboy Bebop Season 1, to release on its streaming platform. The anime series, written by Shinchirō Watanabe, was first premiered in 1998-99 in Japan. The series had a total of 26 episodes, generally known as sessions. In 2019, after almost two decades of the release of the anime, it was announced that the anime will have an American Live-action adaptation that would be streamed on Netflix.


The expected cast who will lend their voice in the series includes John Cho, Alex Hassell, Elena Satrine, Mustafa Shakir, Danielle Pineda, and many more.


At present, the production of the anime is on a halt. Probably, because of the current situation prevailing across the world due to COVID-19.

Besides, the series was kept on hold, when John Cho who is the main star of the anime series suffered from a knee injury. Hence, the production has suffered a lot and we should not expect the anime to be released sooner.

The makers of the series have kept silent about the release date. But we may expect the series to be released by 2021.


The storyline of the anime is interesting. In the Japanese version of the movie, the show is set in the year 2071. By that year, humans have spread their civilization on the Moon and other planets, throughout the solar system.  There are ‘cowboys’ spread across the galaxy to protect human civilization from the offenders. The story explores the bounty hunters, a part of cowboys, travels in the spaceship named “bebop” in order to protect people and reduce the rate of crimes being committed.


To date, there have been no trailers of the anime yet.

Let’s wait for it as we have no other option rather than anticipating and waiting.

Anchal Gupta