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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla fans are not satisfied with its first Gameplay…. Click to know Why???

As per the timing of the presentation of the Xbox, The fans of the Assassin Creed are preparing to watch the gameplay of the Valhalla. As it is the new game of Assassin cred and they want it to play as soon as possible.

About the game

Ubisoft made Assassin Creed Valhalla gameplay trailer to satisfy the need of the fans but after watching this trailer, fans are not happy. Fans want that trailer at the presentation but Ubisoft fails to how at that time and after they pass the trailer of the gameplay on the web and expecting that fans will love it. But the consequences are different.

As a gaming company, They are happy to know that fans want to know more about their game. As the franchise is in support of them. They will make a huge amount of money and that will benefit the game.

On Twitter:

The official trailer out by The Assassin creeds game on twitter. By saying that it will be available from the holiday of 2020.

Many fans of this game are poking them for this action and they aren’t happy about this action. This game proves to be good in every field. But it also not get impressed by the fans. They are showing their hate by retweeting on this trailer, some of them mocking them on other media like the Instagram page and Reddit. The gaming community is involved in this activity too much to support their followers in opposing the game.

So, this is it for this topic on Assassin Creed Valhalla. We will meet you next time with a more fresh topic. You will surely love them. till then stay tuned with us…

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