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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Twitter Account Reveals List of Fans’ FAVORITE EPISODES!!! So, Watch them While Waiting for SEASON 8!!

By Riya Kumari

Brooklyn nine-nine has recently tweeted asking the fans about their favorite Brooklyn99 episodes by quoting. They received a precisely incredible response from the devotees.

About Brooklyn Nine-Nine

An American comedy television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine was initially released in the year 2013. Dan Goor and Michael Schur are the makers of the series. Its actual network was Fox but from season six its new network is NBC. It consists of seven seasons and season eight is on the way.

When did they tweet?

On 23 May 2020, the official tweeter handle of Brooklyn Nine-Nine posted a tweet asking about the favorite episodes, and on 27 May 2020, they received the reasonable results.

Some of the popular replies are:

The Chopper (S2, E22)
Skyfire Cycle (S4, E8)
Game Night (S5, E10)
Safe House (S5, E12)
Casecation (S6, E12)

Fans have moreover shown love towards the show. After collecting so many favorable responses creators get boosted up and ready to come up with season eight.

Now, the show has many fan theories based on the past seasons. These theories might provide a hint about the new Brooklyn nine-nine on 8 stories. The show is a police comedy show. It has received lots of appreciation from viewers of all ages- children, adults as well as old people.

The end of the sixth season showed the final villain called Kelly. She wanted to promote her crime-fighting app. To so, she had to use the illegal eavesdropping system in New York City. To counter attack Police Commissioner Kelly, Jack used his own suicide squad. At the last moment, one of Captain Holt’s enemies acquired the position of an interim commissioner. Holt was degraded as a patrol officer. Now, his new position will take what effects in the department? This will be interesting for the fans.

When will season eight enter?

Season seven comprises thirteen episodes and its last episode was ended on 23 April 2020. Season eight premiere date is yet not declared openly. It will be the third episode on NBC. Due to the current situation of lockdown, it is not possible to guess the release date. For season eight there is an entire fresh makeover.

Riya Kumari