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CALL OF DUTY is coming up with its latest Season, Season 5! This is exciting and you must read what all it has here!

By Priyanka Peddinti

Call Of Duty is a game that has captured the attention of thousands of youngsters simply because of its amazing graphics. I have seen many of my friends sacrificing their good night’s sleep and play this game. Some of them even to the extent of skipping studying during their exams time. Which gets me to the moral of the story that it must be a quite addictive game. Huge one maybe, though I haven’t played it in my life to date.

So with the introduction done, let us see what we have in store. The Call Of Duty new season is releasing. Season 5 that is. How exciting! And this new season is named Modern Warfare which could launch in early August that is next month itself. Popular streamers like Nick Mercs have sent a video by Infinity Ward which supposedly shows off a small teaser about the next update coming. In the Battle Royale Mode Season 5.

In one of the footages, we can have a view of a static shot of a train yard in Verdansk. This place has a Warzone and fights keep happening. A helicopter flies over this place, and at the same time, you hear the blaring sound of a train horn. A time showing August 5th, 2020 is also visible. This date is when the current warfare season is about to end. All of this can be watched on Nick’s YouTube Channel. On the recent stream.

Form the first sight, we can conclude that the rails have been fixed up which means a train doing a circuit of the map will be seen at the start of Season 5. It will be filled with a lot of rich treasures like how Apex Legends shows. This video has also been streamed to his Twitter account. As we get closer to the release date we will get more updates, so stay tuned to this space till then.

Priyanka Peddinti

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