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Canceled LAN Tournament for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” was Held Secretly by Players!!! Check out to know!!!

The players of the popular game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare got united for a LAN Tournament for the players of Indianapolis (Indy) which was supposed to be canceled. The authority of the game denies that they organized the gaming tournament, but according to reports, some organization members were present in the tournaments. Read out the blog post to know more about the incident!!!

Canceled Call of Duty LAN Tournament Still Pushes Through ...

The LAN tournament was held even after cancellation:

American Gaming Network was set up with the purpose to host Indianapolis Open which would have started from 31 July and would have ended by the 2nd of August. The Network had previously said that the gaming events will occur in full safety measures by the implementation of safety precautions against the pandemic; using sanitizers, checking body temperatures of everyone, maintaining social distancing, and compulsion of facemasks for everyone.

But the idea of organizing a tournament in such a crisis situation, it received negative criticisms which finally led to the conversion of the gaming tournament in an online format. The change in the format was officially announced by the American Gaming Network.

In spite of this announcement of the cancellation of the tournament, the tournament somehow took place in an offline format. A video served as proof for the taking place of the tournament where one can see how players have organized their own LAN Tournament.

Canceled Call of Duty LAN Tournament Still Pushes Through ...

Know what the American Gaming Network said about this:

AGN has denied the fact and said that the LAN Tournament was not organized by them. But Dexter revealed that the organization’s members were present at the venue.

There is no proof or sign whether the even was organized by AGN secretly or it was organized by the players themselves.