Carnival Row Season 2: Everything you need to know about release date, plot, cast, trailer and fan theories

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For anyone who is living under a rock, Carnival Row is getting all the love from the American viewership. It is a fantasy drama show which seems to be quite a popular genre, as many other TV shows also belong to this category.

This show, too, is receiving a humongous amount of love from the American audience. It has also obtained acclaim for its scenes, story, characterization, and costumes.

What is Carnival Row?

As aforementioned, Carnival Row is a mystical fantasy TV show where you can find many creatures that don’t look like they belong to our world. It finds its roots in a movie by Travis Beacham. Amazon Prime premiered the show first. The first season hit off well with the viewers, so it is getting picked up for a second season as well. 

What about the next season?

Considering the first season gained a lot of traction worldwide, especially in America, we can look forward to a second season. The first season ended with a lot of cliffhangers, mysteries and loose ends so we can expect a new season in the summer of 2021. However, nothing is confirmed yet.

Who is in the cast?

Orlando Bloom will come back as Rycroft Philostrate once again. His character in the show is a half-blood inspector. Fans seem to love it, and this character has managed to attract quite the fan following.

Cara Delevigne will come as the creature. So, we can expect to see her on-screen as well. These are two significant characters we can look forward to coming back for the second season.

Apart from these, Eric Olson will replace season 1 Shorner Mark Guggenheim.

What is the plot focus?

Zone 2, or season 2, will shift its focus to the fight of liberation against Joanna Brexpier and Sophie Longin. We can also expect some more romance and emotional bonding between our main characters.

What about the trailer?

Since no information is available about the release date, we still have to wait for the trailer. Once the filming starts for season 2, we can expect the trailer to release by the end of 2020.

What are the fan theories?

Some theories say that the main characters may have their pasts come to the picture, with some significant revelations. Other than this, fans theorize that Fay will fight against the leaders for rights.