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Celebrate PUBG’s Three Year Anniversary! Redeem your Item Box and experience exciting reworks, maps, weapons and game options!

March 23 marks PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, popularly PUBG’s third anniversary.  It first came out in 2017 and has since taken the gaming world by storm. While competition in the market is more robust now, the game is still keeping itself dynamic and exciting with its updates, reworks, and new content. This is the developer, PUBG Corp’s way of celebrating its anniversary.

The PUBG team in a blog post discussed all the work that has gone into the game in the past year. It also gave us an idea of what we can expect and what they have in store for us in the fourth year of PUBG.

Firstly, there is Vikendi, which will go through a rework. The snowy map faced a removal early in the year for renovations. The developers have play-tested the new version of the plan within a small circulation. This map has trains now. They will release this new version of Vikendi soon.

The team did not reveal any other updates or reworks in detail in the blog post. They did promise that 2020 will have a lot in store for players, including “map reworks, new maps, new weapons & mechanics, additional game options such as Arcade’s Team Deathmatch, and of course quality of life improvements & bug fixes for some of your most pressing issues.”

Available only for a short period, PUBG players can redeem a free Item Box in honor of the 3rd anniversary. This will feature an M416 skin, hoodie, and parachute designed in the Community Skin Design Contest. The box will be available for a month from March 23 to April 23. Players can redeem it on the in-game store. The item box will be an automatic addition for console players when they log in between March 26 and April 25.