CS: GO Latest Map Changes & Updates!!! New ‘Swamp & Mutiny’ Map Introduced, ‘Jungle & Swamp’ Removed!!!

By Divyansh Dhingra

If you’ve got a penchant for the psycho drive games then go and check out for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). This creation of Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment takes you to the battle world where you experience Terrorists, Counter-Terrorists, bombs, and hostages. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that features nine game modes including Deathmatch, Wingman, Arms race, Demolition, Competitive, Weapons Course, Casual, Flying Scotsman, & Danger Zone. This fourth entry in the Counter-Strike series can be found in windows, Linux, Xbox 360, PS 3, and OS X. The game has witnessed an active competitive spirit worldwide, with several tourneys arranged by Valve.

What does CS: GO update feature???

Valve’s CS: GO has recently undergone an update that has bumped off the two maps- Jungle and Swamp from the game and has introduced two brand new maps- Mutiny and Swamp. Developers have also superseded the option put off Trusted mode which certainly causes troubles to the users and players.

CS: GO- Mutiny’s vivacious entry…

The introduction of new maps to the game has proved to be a howling attempt from the developers’ side. Mutiny is a colossal map, set on the seashore town. Graphically it is a phenomenal map surrounded by Shipwrecks. The map also features barrels and boxes.

CS: GO- Will Swamp be the fastest map???

In terms of the gameplay, we’ll not find any divergence between the two maps. Furthermore, If Mutiny is a tardily map, then you’ll experience the speed in the Swamp. Enthusiasts who wish to experience the high-paced game of CS: GO, then must look out for the Swamp.

Both the maps are available to play, check out the official blog, where full patch notes are available. Click here

Look at the twitter handle of CS: GO, where they talk about the updates…

(Tweet credits: Official Twitter Handle “CS: GO”)

Divyansh Dhingra