Dark Souls Season 4 : Director Hidetaa Miyazaki talks about the new season of the game!!!

By Anchal Gupta

The famous game “Dark Souls” which was released in 2011 has successfully released three seasons of the game series. This blog post is about the fourth season of the game series. There are many questions that are going on like whether we will have the fourth season of the game series or our anticipations are wrong. If there will be the fourth series then what will it be about and when will it come to us. Read out the blog post to know what the developers of the game series say about it!!!

Will there be the fourth season of the game series Dark Souls???

Well, we have no idea about whether the game will be having its fourth season or not as the developers are quiet about the game’s fourth season. Many believe that season 3 was the concluding season of the game but we might get season four as the director Hidetaa Miyazaki said back then that we all will be seeing more of the haunting universe. In an interview, he said that Dark Souls 3 is still not the final product of the franchise. However, he believes that it might be a turning point for the whole Dark Souls franchise. This simply suggests that we might get to see the fourth season of the game series.

Release of season 4:

If season 4 comes, we will surely not be getting it any time sooner as the developer of the game, FromSoftware, is currently busy with its other projects namely Elden Ring.

As for now the developers of the game,  FromSoftware, are actually not working on a new sequel of New Dark Souls game. Hence, it will surely not appear this year.

Till then keep enjoying the three seasons and anticipate what are the new things we will be getting in the new season. Till then stay tuned to our page to get further information when it arrives.

Anchal Gupta