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Destiny 2 Patch Notes: New Update And Crimson Days Event Out Now !!!

Another day and another patch have hit Destiny 2 ‘s season of dawn yep that’s correct, but unlike the last patch that always required Bungie to roll back in the game and for the first time ever, there is a patch seems somewhat pretty low-key. Fans are too excited.

The update made a couple of fixes to the iron banner and the ever very store to deal with the issues that were annoying most of the players but doesn’t change any of the gameplay.

The release happens with the start of Valentine’s Day-themed Crimson days event, and the event is live till Feb 18.

All the details about the patch were placed on Bungie’s website. The issues that gave more concern are that they are not correctly activating the Iron banner along with the Gambit bug that reset player’s progress on the season grind-heavy ritual gun, python.

The Fix laughed a bug that reset the “get closer” pursuit for the python. Now anyone who has completed the mythic rank will have their pursuit completed, even if the progress is previously reset.

It also deals with the issue of every verse store, which had some new emotes for the solar classes that appear at the wrong price. The store uses Destiny 2’s a Silver currency, which one to be purchased using real money.

The Bungie issued a refund, and they disabled the purchase made earlier in the season. The emotes are now cost only 500 silver currency or somewhat 5$ only.

The Crimson Days event is a free event for all of the players that bring back the crimson doubles mode for the crucible. There are loots present they looked like ghost shells, decorations, ornaments, sparrows, etc.