“Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age” coming to Xbox Game Pass, PS-4, and PC’s this December!!! Specifics here!!!

By Divyansh Dhingra

Glad Tidings for all the Dragon Quest lovers- Square Enix has recently declared the release of “Dragon Quest XI: Definitive Edition of the series”, in Xbox Game Pass. The long wait for the highly anticipated and most beloved JRPG series is going to be over on 4th December when you’ll be having an Xbox Game Pass or PS-4 or Windows 10 PC/ Laptop in your hand and enjoying this role-playing video game. It is the very first time that the production has manufactured any sequence for Xbox.

What Critic Heidi Kemp wrote about the sequence???

Any movie, game, series needs to live up to the expectations of public and critics. If we talk about Dragon Quest XI, then, it has managed to make a lieu in fans’ hearts. Even critics have mentioned good about the sequence. Critic Heidi Kemp says “Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is an epitome of how the presentation must look like, both graphically and tale-sensible. The gameplay seems realistic and covers the journey to one’s heart and soul. As far as you get into the atmosphere of Dragon Quest XI, then, it is very hard to come out until you reach the finale part.”

(Video Credits: Official YouTube Channel “Xbox”)

All You Need To Know About Dragon Quest XI!!!

Dragon Quest XI is a character-based video game whose developer and publisher is Square Enix. Here is some information regarding the 11th sequence to the Dragon Quest series…

1.) In Japan, it was premiered in July 2017, and the platforms were Nintendo 3DS & PS-4. Later on, it got a worldwide release in September 2018. The game renewed for Nintendo Switch in September 2019.

2.) This sequence has received amazing responses with achieving the highest launch sales of any Dragon Quest Series.

3.) You get to explore various worlds and combat with monsters. Overall, it is a spectacular experience.

Divyansh Dhingra