Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date: check this for everything!!!!

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The Elder Scrolls is an action role-playing game developed and published by Bethesda Game and Softworks. Since its inception in 1994 as  The Elder Scrolls: Arena, it has released a series of games after that. They being, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and Blades.

The game’s next venture will be Elder Scrolls: VI, which was announced in Bethesda’s E3 press conference in 2018, But the makers also said that it would release only after their next new project known as Starfield the upcoming space RPG. Part 6 is targeted for the next generation(8th generation) consoles such as Sony’s PS5 and Microsofts XBOX pro.

If gone by recent news, the release is far from now and is very unclear at this time.

According to a Reddit thread, a source close to the game revealed that The Elder Scrolls 6 would take place in High Rock, Hammerfell, and Yokuda. The creator Todd Howard said to IGN, “we’re creatives, and it’s like we have to make this game, and this is the time. So Elder Scrolls 6 is going to have to wait a little bit.” He also added that part 6 would be bigger and better than the previous installment, Skyrim.

But seeing the current scenario, where even Starfields date is not also fixed, which will precede TES6, the wait is looking longer than we initially thought. Though the rumors of the game releasing in 2025 have been bashed, still, fans might have to wait a minimum of 2 years.

We hope that since every edition of TES has added value to the previous one and the game is continually improving, and given that Bethesda always strives for perfection, the creators assure that it will be worth the wait. Well, we hope that too.