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Epic Games removes skins and V-Bucks from ‘Fortnite’ accounts due to third-party purchases

By Sameer Ahmed

Epic Games removed some of skins and V-Buck (the game currency for Fortnite battle royale) due to third party purchases by the players.

Epic Games have once again made very clear that players should purchase in-game currency through official sources only and not from third party sources

Fortnite Battle Royale game developed by Epic Games is free to play across all platforms. It makes money by selling V-Bucks to players so they can purchase gun skins and player skin and many other skins and items. Recently many of the Fortnite Battle Royale players were purchasing V-Bucks from third party sources at a discounted price because there were too many sellers selling V-Bucks at a discounted price.

Epic Games to do something about it, so it removed almost all players who had V-Bucks purchased from these sellers and also skin bought from those V-Bucks.

How sellers get to players

Most of the players get to know about these sellers through social media and some e-commerce websites. Prices were low in the United States, and most countries’ prices were low, as the United  States. Yet third-party s offered this amount of the in-game currency for under $60, which is a much better deal, so most of the players opt to buy it from sellers.

Epic games reminder

Epic Games have told players many times not to buy V-bucks from other sources. They also said buying V-bucks from other sources is a fraud, and they have the right to remove it. Considering that most of these sellers obtain valuable currency by doing chargebacks, this is not allowed because it’s kind of fraud, and the gaming company has its profit reduced because of it quite heavily.

In the future, more strict action may be taken against players that are still buying V-Bucks from these sellers. They might even ban some of them.

Sameer Ahmed