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FIFA 20: How to get Manchester United star Daniel James’ incredible Future Stars card ??

By Sameer Ahmed

Manchester United’s winger Daniel James has been selected in FIFA 20’s future Stars cards.

FIFA 20’s ultimate team future Stars features players that are young but are still recognized by the world, and they are capable of becoming legends of tomorrow.

Daniel James being just 22 years old have proved that he is worth being in the Ultimate future Stars team as after being transferred from Swansea, he has now maintained his position in the starting eleven of Manchester United. He appeared in 24 games and has scored three goals with three assists. The guy got 98 paces for his excellent form.

EA Sports FIFA 20 thinks that Daniel has made through the qualification i.e., the player has to make a breakthrough before the age of 23.

Fulfilling, this criterion Daniel has entered in Ultimate future Stars team.

The gamers can get him if they complete the following in-game objectives that are as follows:-

1.) Make three-assist using premier league players to obtain a 75 Overall Daniel James.
2.)Score two goals using 75 James in the matches. 75 Daniel Jame’s is not as good as 85, but it just gets the job done.
3.)make two assists using 75 James in the matches.
4.) Score in three different games with 75 James to get an 80 overall James.
5.) Score a volley using 80 overall James in Squad Battles on min.
6.) Score using a chip shot using 80 overall James.
7.) In professional difficulty score using grounded shots in four different games to get an 82 overall James.
8.) In legendary difficulty score two goals in two different squad matches, that would be tough but not impossible.
9.) In the world, class difficulty makes assist and goals with 82 James in eight different matches.
10.) We have to play fifteen matches with James in our starting Lineup.

Sameer Ahmed