Finally a good news from rockstar:GTA 6 release date!!!!

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When Rockstar released its GTA 5 nearly seven years ago in 2013, It instantly broke records generating humongous sales since the day of its release. The game became the fastest-selling online game in both PlayStation and Xbox and also made a massive revenue of over 6 billion. The names Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Snider, which were the principal characters of the story were on the lips of almost every gamer. So, given this enormous success, a sequel was inevitable.

But Rockstar takes its time maybe a little too much this time, with fans mulling over when will the 6th part of the highly successful franchise release, we have hot some details.

Strong rumors are surfacing on the internet that Rockstar games are set to announce the release date of GTA VI. The source of the story is the Grand Theft Auto 6 website. Just like every game Rockstar releases a separate website for it, this was the case with GTA 6. Also, when we clicked on the website is redirected to the original site of rockstar games.

But a few curious fans have noticed that the site is no longer redirecting to it and now shows ‘site cannot be reached’ page instead. Further, the source of the website was based in Germany, but it recently has been shifted to NewYork. According to ardent fans, Rockstar does this only before announcing the release, and the website is about to launch.

Of course, the rumors can be baseless, but fans can’t keep calm now as they think this may be the year they will get what they are waiting for for so long.

Since PlayStation 5 and Xbox x are also slated to release this year, this year will be a perfect time.