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Fortnite shut down the server for maintenance and returned with brand new updates!! Read to know the details of the game!

By Deeptha Sakkarapani

An online video game that has taken the world by a storm in Fortnite. The server of the game is being shut down for maintenance and fans are wondering what might be the new update in the game. Here is a detailed look into the news,

Fortnite was developed and published by Epic Games in 2017. Since then, the game has been unbeatable in downloads and viewership. The game has three distinct versions of the game whereas the general gameplay is common for all the modes. Those are Fortnite: Save The World where four players try to kill zombies and save themselves, Fortnite Battle Royale where a total of 100 players fight to see the last standing winner and finally Fortnite Creative where the players are given the freedom to create their battles and arenas.

Fortnite can be played in consoles like PlayStation and Xbox and PC. The game can be played on mobile as well, it supports both Android and iOS. The game is also going to be available to the upcoming consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The game has become a cultural phenomenon and has a loyal fan following. More than 125 million people play the games which have risen the market of Fortnite to a whole new level.

Epic Games have announced that the Fortnite server will be down on June 2 from 2 AM ET for maintenance. The server was down for a couple of hours and fans are waiting to see new changes in the game. Only a couple of days ago, new version v13.20 was introduced so an update of the version is not possible. What might be possible is the change of skin for Captain America. Though it is a far fetch, it might be possible and bug and small improvements might be fixed.

Deeptha Sakkarapani