MMORPG “Star Wars: The Old Republic” is now available on Steam!!! Gamers can play it for FREE only on Steam!!!

By Anchal Gupta

It has been almost nine years since “Star Wars: The Old Republic” was launched. Now the game hits Steam after so many years of its release. The game can be played for free now. Read out the blog post to know more about the game!!!

Star Wars: The Old Republic-

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an online role-0playing game with a multiplayer feature. The game is based in the Star Wars Universe. Developed by BioWare, BioWare Austin LLC, and Electronic Art, the game was initially released on December 20, 2011. Now, the game will be released for free to play on Steam.

Know what is Steam:

Steam is a digital platform where video games are distributed. It has a huge collection of millions of popular video games. The gaming community contains many players and game developers who buy and sell their games through the digital platform. Steam is not the most popular platform for buying and selling games but is definitely a rising star in the field.

Star Wars: The Old Republic hits the digital platform Steam where you can play the game for free:

The game has a good fan base though it has been almost nine years of its release. The game has more to offer to you even after nine years of release.

The game has been receiving many updates and has been expanded a lot in recent years. It seems that the developers of the game are planning to bring it to a larger audience as the game will be live on the digital platform Steam. The game will be available for free on Steam. Besides, it will also have an optional subscription, paid DLC, and purchasable in-game currency. This is especially for the players who want to explore more unto the game and wish to avail more content.

Anchal Gupta