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Gears tactics review: a strategic turn based shooter game; Check out now!!

Gears games have always been about fast-paced shooting with taking cover as the main instinct of the players who love third-person shooter genres. Going in guns blazing, fast-paced gameplay, and the impeccable story is what made gears series popular among gamers. And with the new installment of gears series “Gears Tactics.” introducing turn-based tactics, you might think that it lost its touch. But you couldn’t be more wrong. As it still retains its fast-paced elements. But require a more tactical approach on the battlefield. As is the case with most action games, with the strategic approach you get to achieve the objective in a more sophisticated way and feels more rewarding compared to going with guns blazing. Here’s what you need to know about the latest installment “Gears tactic.

The gameplay of Gears Tactics:

The gameplay of the gears tactic is a turn-based strategic shooter with the aesthetics of XCOM. But what makes this strategic turn-based game is that it replicates the original gears of war fast-paced elements. Unlike XCOM which has limited movement, you can make. With every strategy you devise, if a single shot misses, making you fall back & come up with a backup plan. where gears tactic is more freestyle, granting each of the four characters 3 actions per turn. Which combines with shooting, moving, and special actions. And the joy of combining everything with taking cover, flanking enemies, and eliminating enemies with precision makes it all the more reason to play this game.

gears tactic overwatch system

Class System.

There are five classes in the game which consist of support, vanguard, scout, heavy & sniper. With each class having different abilities you can make use of when playing strategically. Each class provides an expansive skill tree with some powerful and distinctive abilities to unlock as your character level rises. The game also features the option to install weapon mods that give you stat boosts and passive abilities. Another great feature this game boasts is it’s directional overwatch abilities which let you stop enemy advancing turns. If used in the right way it can be more advantageous to the players.

There are a lot of missions offered in the campaign of gears tactic, with another drawback is you have to complete a 2 to 3 side mission to proceed through the campaign. This can be fun, but as you play more the mission gets repetitive and boring. Nonetheless, this is a good game compared to different turn-based games.