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Ghost of Tsushima: Samurai movies to watch before the game’s release

By Abhishek Singh

We’re all yearning for the next samurai game Ghost of Tsushima. The atmosphere, intense sword fight, and a compelling story. Portraying the honor of the samurai to what they wield their blade for. In addition to embracing the beauty of the well-written characters, a beautiful level of detail in the environment. And how accurate they pulled off the brutality of war a samurai has to face and heavily inspired by the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Sucker punch revealed in an interview that they have been inspired by Japanese samurai movies. And Aki Kurosawa is a man who knows his art when it comes to accurately portray samurai movies. Depicting the code of honor, duty, and tradition of the japan’s setting. Until the Ghost of Tsushima releases, here are some of the best Kurosawa’s samurai movies to watch.


Zatoichi is not a complete samurai movie, regardless it is still considered an important Japanese movie. It tells the story of a blind swordsman fighting evil and following his sense of justice. He’s an anti-samurai, embracing the opposite of bushido code. He doesn’t give his enemies a dignified death, instead, he fights dirty and uses his disability as finishing the bad guys who senselessly kill innocents.


One thing we can agree on is that every samurai movie has a rebellion plotted by someone and the outcomes revolve around that. The central theme of every samurai movie spins around fighting invaders and defending your land. Harakiri is just the opposite, as it focuses more on the melodrama rather than action. A samurai warrior by the name of Tsugumo comes to the palace courtyard of a feudal lord to commit seppuku (Suicide). Although it’s more story-driven, nevertheless this is a good samurai movie to watch. Showing the honor, tradition of the feudal japan.


This is the closest movie it can come to Ghost of Tsushima, as they both share a similar setting in the era. It tells the story of wandering samurai (ronin) who enters a war-torn town. As two factions trying to establish their supremacy, they both tempt the main character Sanjuro to fight on their side. It might not have the same setting as dealing with invading Mongols, but the elements of double-crossing and ploy. A definite watch for any samurai fan who wishes to experience the mind games, action, and betrayal in any classic cult samurai movie.

Lone Wolf & Cub: Sword of Vengeance.

Lone wolf and cub can be considered as one fo the violent samurai movie ever made. Which follows the story of an assassin who carries his child on the battlefield. They share the same resemblance as Sekiro: Shadows die twice, another samurai game with souls like difficulty. This movie shares the same theme as the everyday samurai movie you witness. But what makes this stand out is the idea of what makes the protagonist as a hero. Main character Ogami Itto is not an honorable man, yet he’s dealing with a much worse samurai than him. Kinda makes you root for the lesser evil protagonist.

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