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Grounded Already Has More than 1 Million Players In The Early Access Of the Game? Find Out Here

By Abhishek Singh

If you love exploration in games with the freedom to go anywhere and find rare items and discovering something new. All the while danger lurking around everywhere. Grounded in the game you should pick up on the Steam and Xbox X series. Grounded is a survival adventure game made by Obsidian entertainment. Where four children have shrunk to the size of an ant and trapped in their backyard. And it’s up to them to survive by whatever means necessary whether it be fending off insects or fight giant spiders.

Players can craft items, build bases as well as a wide range of melee and ranged weapons available in the game. As well as the ability to switch first-person and third-person perspective camera. The game received immensely positive feedback and has already garnered more than 1 million players for the early access of Steam and X box platforms. In just two days the game received so much love that developers have promised to release more content for the game. Read on more to know about what the developers have promised and are planning for the final release of grounded.

Developers announcing new content in Grounded?

Adam Brennecke and obsidian entertainment announced the big news for game achieving 1 million players in just two days. On social media, they thanked everyone for making this game as one of the best sellers and announced an update. Which will feature more content and fixing bugs and issues with the latest update which is dropping on August 27!.

Adam Brennecke took to twitter to express his happiness and new updates of grounded. “I just want to announce that the game will receive monthly updates. The first update is on August 27 and stays tuned for more info”.

Grounded introduced a fresh perspective and a unique approach to survival adventure through the eyes of tiny insects. And the frustration of hanging on to the edge of surviving. With various hostile bugs and spiders which roam around in the open world. And looks very intimidating and eerie when it’s chasing you. Thanks to arachnophobia mode you can change the look of spiders from eight-legged critters to harmless white blobs. Without affecting the gameplay whatsoever. The game does a good job of turning our perspective of normal lawn to the survival of the fittest with the constant fear of running into bugs and spiders. Adding the atmosphere of enjoying the open world and at the same time turning it into nightmare and fear of surviving. The game is available on X box game preview and Steam early access with the price set to 29.99$.

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