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GTA Online players murder sex workers in the game to trigger a vehicle replication error??

By Deeksha Arora

The presence of sex workers by Grand Theft Auto has become long-time infamy due to the players who allegedly destroy NPCs for money, but specific brutal patterns have plummeted in modern games. It is certainly not the strongest form of cash-making. Yet GTA Web cheaters have recently taken back the hideous killing activity.

At the beginning of 2020, players realized they could use sex workers to clone unique vehicles. Throughout the first game, players carried a sex worker to a vehicle during the night and then wedged the vehicle from a Mobile Operations Center (MOC) to a different car. The goal was to deter the sex worker from entering the vehicle.

From there, the players will go into a workshop to clone into the car and take it to the triangle of vehicles they had built. Then the players kill the sex worker, leave their vehicle in the MOC, and head back. If they do, the players will double their ride, with a second vehicle.

Early in March, players announced that the vulnerability had been fixed by Rockstar. Until publication time, Rockstar did not respond.

It wasn’t long before players discovered a repair solution. This always operates like that players catch a sex worker and park the vehicle to avoid the holiday. From there, players sometimes shot the car hood with the sex worker already standing inside before the vehicle explodes.

Players then contact the insurance firm, push it out into the driveway, and destroy the sex worker in the vehicle they intend to replace. The vehicle and the sexual assistants must vanish so that the player joins the MOC and doubles the ride.

The exact steps for beginning the solution differ from tutorial to tutorial but are often including a sex worker who is stuck in a cab, as you can see from the East Kentucky Outlaw video below.

Deeksha Arora