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Here are some valuable lessons you need to learn before playing Story of Seasons game. Watch it here.

By Priyanka Peddinti

To begin with, this article is not too long. In less than five minutes you would be finishing this article, so please stay tuned. Secondly, what you will get to know from this is one major thing that is trending all over. So here we start:

This is a story belonging to Story of Seasons, you might have heard of it of late. The sub season of Story of Seasons is named as Friends of Mineral Town. This section can be quite tricky. Starting with the game you have absolutely nothing with you. As you progress through the game and reach higher levels, then you will not be awarded any points or awards. You will be given bare minimum points, which will come to you in terms of knowledge and information. Frankly speaking, you will leave on your own devices, having to figure out the way out. The game will teach you the basics of gardening like how to plant seeds and stuff like that, but do not expect any more. However, it will not tell you where to get the seeds from, for example, to consider.

However, here are some of the pointers which will be beneficial for you as you navigate through the game and reach higher levels. Your first call should be at the General Store of the town. It is situated at the top of the town. Once you leave your farm, you have to continuously travel to the North Direction. This store sells provisions. So it is from here that you will buy seeds, which will take you towards higher levels.

You will not be able to get provisions all along the day. There is a specific time interval at which you have to buy. It is from morning 9 to evening 5, within these hours you will have to stack up everything you want to. So plan everything very carefully and get them in a single shot. There is another store to buy seeds from. This one is near the beach, which lies to the East of the Town. You will have to climb some stairs leading to the beach. This seems to be open all day long. A young man who goes by the name of Huang will sell you stuff. He also sells crops and flower seeds.

Well, the northern store sells seasonal seeds, Huang sells seeds from all seasons, making it easier to plan your harvest properly and grow.

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