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Here comes the ‘STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2’ Update1.45 ADDS BB-8, BB-9E and patch notes !!

Star Wars Battlefront 2 replace the 1.45 version by it’s rich in features i.e., addition of two new heroes, new maps, and increased level of UI.


The two new heroes added BB-8(for the resistance) rushes into the battlefield with immense velocity.

And the other character BB-9E(for the first order). The new planets added are full of action pack surprises for gamers. The new matchmaking will be held on Jan Kloss( one of the new maps added).

Explosive damage has been reduced, so they have added a message type program, which is shown when you use explosives on the opponent, which is shown by a pink message.

Further, they have added skill cross hair for kilo ren’s frequency and for emperor Palaphtine’s chain lightning. A change in the subject has been provided that help us gamers to resist the kill assist that we get too often. Intro animations have been advanced.

They created a distinctive marker that will help in the attackers’ perspective in an explosion. They also removed that grey indication of the marker when wore in absolute quantity.

The requirement for brand spanking has been removed in the blast, strike, extraction, have, etc.
The standard max well being has been changed from 350 to 320 to carry it nearer to different Enforcers.

A subject has been fixed that permit the AI to the fireside and make them use their skills once.
AI troopers can access the meal with their reinforcement.

Character is getting general push once affected, and some visual aids are not performing well.
It is said that by December, the game will be relaunched with all the bugs been dealt with.
As of going back to the staff map, fans can expect that to happen soon.

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