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How can you record screen on PC?: here are some best screen recorder for PC!!

By Siringula Keerthana

Screen recorders will let you capture whatever you want to watch again in the future and for continuous repetition of what you need and see that is displayed on your screen to share with others, demos, tutorials, lessons, YouTube videos, etc. etc. So basically, in a simplified version, this software will enable you to record videos from screen and webcam.

After testing, we have ranked the best screen recorders, which makes us flexible to record all things that are happening on your PC.
1. OBS – Open Broadcaster Software
From the perfect screen recorders, OBS is one that includes some excellent features to make the video, which is recorded should be of a high-quality one.

The users will be able to enjoy multiple themes and various filters for videos. With the help of Open Broadcaster Software, you can stream live to Twitch, YouTube gaming, and also encode them.
Open-sourced—AKA 100% free
Negatives –
No video editor

2. Free Cam
It’s a simple screen recorder with in-built audio and video editor. The interface in Free Cam allows you to create screencasts with the facility of a professional.
Positives –
Deletes unwanted and useless video fragments.
Removes background noise in the video.
Negatives –
Saves all video recordings to WMV only.
3. Xsplit
It’s one of the best screen recorders as it has two different flavors – Broadcaster and Game-caster. Broadcaster comes with three tiers- free, personal, and premium. This screen recorder has resolutions greater than 720p. It can support any capture cards for professional production features.
Positive –
Ability to capture input from any source.
Negative –
It does not support Diamond CG500.
4. Ezvid
It’s a freeware video and screen capturing software. Its web page claims to use PC’s processing power to increase the speed of screen recording and video editing capabilities.
Has a video-editor.

Siringula Keerthana