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How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. Tips and Tricks here!!

By Abhishek Singh

PUBG Mobile, a game that revolutionized the battle royale genre by testing the players of their skills, reflexes, and intuition. In a single map where you have to survive. Either by fighting your opponents head-on or stealthily crawl through the battlefield. All depend on teamwork and effective coordination with each other. With millions of players around India or many countries. One of the most played games of all time where all you need is a simple highspeed internet and you can get started.

The game also offers many customizations like UC, Skins, and Royale Pass. Which gives you an edge over your opponents and outsmarting them. Whether it be items, or a specific skin or simply increasing your RP. The game has two modes of currencies which are BP and UC. While BP can be earned by simply playing more hours in the game, UC requires the players to spend actual money to buy items. Which can be a little difficult for some players but fret not. Because all hope is not lost as you can get UC with these tips and tricks. Read on more to know about the tips and what to avoid to get free UC for PUBG Mobile.

Elite Royale Pass.

One of the simple and easy methods to obtain UC in the PUBG Mobile. With no requirement of technical knowledge of hacking whatsoever. Elite Royale Pass offers the maximum 600 UC as RP mission rewards. Players only have to buy elite royale pass for once and grind RP missions to get back the whole amount they paid for easily. The most simple and effective way to earn UC without any consequences of getting banned.

Earning UC from Apps.

There are a plethora of free apps like Zupee Gold that gives you an option to earn money and transfer it in Paytm for free. All it takes is a simple downloading of apps and answering some simple questions. And the money would be credited to the Paytm wallet. It can also be used to pay for UC in PUBG Mobile through Paytm. Another easy alternative to players who don’t want to buy Royale Pass.

Earning UC through Online Surveys.

There are a lot of online surveys that can be filled out to earn money. The only drawback is finding the ones who pay. Google Opinion is genuine and the best online survey where you can earn money by answering some questions. But keep in mind though that based on how you answer can determine your chances of winning money. Understand the questions and answer carefully.

Google Play Gift Cards.

Another best and free alternative where you don’t have to shell out cash for paying for UC in PUBG Mobile. There are many apps in the play store which offers Google Play gift cards like appKarma. The only thing users have to do is complete the tasks assigned by the apps. It could be anything like downloading 5 apps of specific uses and so on. After the completion of tasks, the apps give you free Google Play Gift Cards. These can be redeemed to buy UC in PUBG mobile without breaking a sweat.

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