Is Valorant the biggest free to play PC launch ever? Find out here

By Abhishek Singh

Battle royale game with online multiplayer seems to be the rage these days. Where it rewards you for your polished skills, fast reflexes. And effective coordination with your teammates. PUBG PC which came out in 2017 became an instant hit in the multiplayer genre. And many gaming industries adapted themselves to the trend of online Battle Royale games. From Overwatch, Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty: Warzone, and now Valorant. Only a week after it’s release the game gathered an immense amount of fanbase in the battle royale genre.

Stealing the spotlight and overshadowing Overwatch and Fortnite. And has become one of the most streamed and most played games of all time in online battle royale game. Graphics are just like CSGO but offers a more fresh and intuitive atmosphere in the FPS genre. Wondering what makes this game so good than another battle royale? Read the full article to know why it’s so popular.

Valorant broke all records in June 2020.

Ever since Riot games, new IP Valorant launched of extended close beta it attracted a huge amount of players online. Seeing the immense love and positive response it got since May. Riot games expanded the beta to meet the unprecedented demand of players and what they prefer. And the final product launched fully in June. No one would have guessed just how much this game got popular. Thanks to data analysis from “SuperData”. Breaking many records of most-watched streams on Twitch, Youtube, and more. Overshadowing CSGO, Call of Duty: Warzone and PUBG. One of the more successful launch than any other battle royale.

Many improvements valorant focused on.

Like many online battle royale game, valorant has also its a fair share of cheaters using cheat engine to ruin the game for everyone. Riot games developers confirmed that cheaters who got caught and banned during the beta would remain banned forever. Enabling strong security measures to instantly detect cheaters and banning them. And the data from June revealed that Valorant’s full flourishing growth from June has affected CSGO more than ever. Although CSGO has a larger audience than Valorant, data indicates the drop of players spending their time in CSGO.

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