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Is World of Warcraft Shadowlands coming to Xbox Series X as developer claimed?

By Abhishek Singh

World of Warcraft has a reputation of one of the most addictive MMORPG online game. With a lot of customization and tons of loot and items to grind for. Making use of strategy when engaged in PvP battles or just simply have fun with your friends. First released in 2004 and the game is still going strong among many hardcore and dedicated players. Who refine their skills as well as compete for the highest position in the leaderboards. It has spawned numerous expansions throughout its time and considered as an exclusive to the PC port.

It’s newest expansion “World of Warcraft Shadowlands” recently released on the PC with some additional improvement and items. For WoW fans the expansion continues the lore from the battle of Azeroth. But the recent rating change of Brazil’s classification agency for X Box series X has led gamers to believe that Shadowlands is releasing for Xbox consoles. What is the meaning of this? Is the game coming for X box consoles? Then read on more to know about the recent rating change and what does it mean?

Does the rating change mean something to the X box?

Many fans of the WoW franchise and twitter users including Gematsu came to know that WoW Shadowlands has been rated for X Box Series X in Brazil. It’s quite common in Brazil that many new game announcements leak early from time to time. So there might be some credibility to this.

Many reached out to the developers for this surprising and shocking detail of rating for X box series consoles. Given the game has stayed exclusive for the PC port for 15 years and the sudden rating caught people off guard.

Blizzard’s response to the sudden rating change on X-box consoles.’

After taking notice of the unexpected rating change for X box series X console and PC. Here’s what the developers had to say about this.

“We have no plans on bringing World of Warcraft and Shadowlands expansion to any console or X Box series X. The listing of the platform on the Brazil Ministry of Justice rating website is false. And the entry has been updated to reflect that the game is only coming to PC and will not change whatsoever”.

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