LA Noire 2 ‘Leak’ Is Tantalizing – Rumors are true or is it an attempt to rile up fans? All you need to know.

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With a probability of someone trying to rile up the fans, the crazy hubbub started when a YouTube channel surfaced with the title ‘LA Noire Part 2’. It was first discovered by a Reddit user a few days ago, and shockingly it’s not available anymore.  It seems like the Rockstar Games fans may get some good news.

Founded by Sam and Dan Houser, Terry Donovan, and Jamie King, Rockstar Games is an American video game publisher who has taken the action-adventure genre of games to another level. It gave birth to the iconic series of Grand Auto Theft. With a substantial teenage fanbase in the gaming world, it seems that Rockstar Games has the players pumped up with excitement.

The deleted YouTube channel featured a song called ‘Break My Stride’ sung by Matthew Wilder, an American artist who made things even more enjoyable. It so happens that the image backing the song featured on Rockstar’s website in recent weeks. The song was prefaced by a DJ introducing the song along with a mention of a radio station called KTI Radio, which, again, happens to be the only radio station that appears in LA Noire.

Quoting the Redditor’s explanation:

‘The “topic” channels are auto-generated by YouTube when it thinks there are videos centered around said topic. The videos can be generated by music provided by companies like any other streaming service.’

It can be theorized that a portion of LA Noire Part 2’s soundtrack was provided by publisher Take-Two Interactive for copyright protection purposes and then uploaded to YouTube as regular users can’t create such a topic channels. The description of the lone song also supports the above theory.

With a significant hit over the action-adventure games followed in the form of racing games, it can be understood that the fan-players are looking forward to a sequel of LA Noire after the successful launch of the original one. With rumors around every corner, one can only hope for it to be true.